Frequently Asked Questions

At Homeanco, we are asked to do many handyman jobs, large and small.

There’s never a stupid question about what we can or can’t do.

Here are just some the things we commonly get asked.

No matter what your needs are, small or large, we can fix it, fit it, build it or repair it!

I have bought some flatpack furniture, can you build and install it?

Yes, we can assemble flatpack furniture, no problems. This includes the popular IKEA furniture and mount it to the wall if necessary. If your not sure on doing it yourself, give us a call. It is far more economical for us to do the job from scratch than doing jobs already attempted by others. We can assemble an array of items, including although not limited to:

  • Assembly of flatpack furniture (IKEA, Freedom, eBay, Kmart and many more)
  • Tables, chairs, shelves, desks, beds, cupboards, the list is endless
  • Garden sheds, BBQs, outdoor furniture, clotheslines and much more
  • Pet Enclosures
Our door is stuck, jammed or won’t open. Can you help?

Yes. We can trim down doors and replace hinges, install doors and new door locks.
For serious lock repairs or lock issues may require a locksmith, which we can arrange.

Can you fix my fence or gate?

Yes. We can make repairs to get your gate or replace some palings or pickets on your fence.
Repairs to metal fences or automated gates may require a specialist.

I want to prepare my house for sale. Can you help?

Yes we can! Homeanco can provide you advice and expertise in getting your property in order ready for sale, in the time frames you require.

Are you insured?

Yes, Homeanco have Public Liability Insurance and Working with Children Check Certified, for your peace of mind.

My window winder or window latch is not working. Can you help?

Yes. we can help any window problems that need fixing.

My door handle is loose or wobbly. Can you fix it?

Yes. Give us a call to see how we can get it working again.

I have a list of things I need done and not sure where to start?

We’ll help your priorities the list to get the jobs done in the right order and in the right time frame.

If materials are required we can source them for you or alternatively you can supply them.

We need some odd-jobs done around our office, can you do you do these ?

Yes, Homeanco work with a number of local businesses on a regular basis.
We can review your requirements and arrange all handyman work to be carried out at mutually convenient times.
We also have Public Liability Insurance and Working with Children Check Certified.

Can you install bathroom fittings?

Yes we install bathroom fittings including towel rails, toilet roll holders, mirrored cabinets and more.

My light globe has blown, its in a high ceileing. Can you replace it?

Yes, Homeanco we can replace light globes, regardless of the height of the ceiling. Because of the huge variety of globes available these days, we don’t carry all types with us. However, if we need to, we’ll source the correct one for what you require, but if you have them ready for us to change it will save time and money!

The battery in my smoke detector needs to be changed. Can you assist?

Yes, Homeanco knows the importance of having a working smoke detector. Yes its a small but very important job. We can change the battery on your smoke detector and test it too!

Can you install a new clothesline that I bought?

Yes, Homeanco can install both ground mounted and wall mounted clotheslines.

Do you hang pictures, mirrors and artwork?

Homeanco can install pictures,mirrors and artwork to any plaster or brick walls, securely and straight!

Can you install shelves?

We can install shelves that you have either bought, or we can advise and supply and fit different shelving options. We can also custom build shelving to suit your requirements.

Can you do major building or construction?

At Homeanco we only do minor building works and repairs, but if you’re not sure whether the job you require doing is major or minor, just ask, we can certainly advise. For larger and more major tasks a licensed building contractor is recommended.

Can you replace timber around my home?

Yes we can generally do minor timber repairs and replacement such as weatherboards, skirting boards, and architraves to name a few.

There is a hole in my wall, can you patch it?

Yes. Patching holes in plasterboard walls, repairing dents and damage to walls. Patching holes from removed down lights & wall heaters – no problem. We can also paint over the repaired area.

I have a small tiling job, can you help me?

Yes. We can do minor tiling jobs and broken tile replacements. Where a broken or cracked tile needs to be removed and replaced, it is more economical if you have some of the replacement tiles ready. Give us a call to discuss your tiling plans.

We can also carry out grouting for you.

Can you do regular and routine maintenance?

Homeanco does regular and routine maintenance for both domestic and commercial clients. We can maintain your office, child care centre, café or retail premises.
Every regular and routine maintenance is tailored to your requirements and time frames to ensure everything  is working and looking as it should.

Do you do Electrical & Plumbing works?

No, Homeanco focuses and specialises on handyman work. Both  plumbing  and electrical work should be carried out by either licensed plumber or licensed electrician.

We can fix it, fit it, build it, repair it!